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At Jimmy Meeks Electric Services, we pride ourselves in having the best service and the most affordable prices around.

We are the most famous electrical repairs contractors in the Jackson TN area. Our electrical contractors are licensed and bonded, and we have years of experience servicing the local area.

We provide professional electrical repair services for every needs.We ensure professional electrical repairs services for every needs. Electrical problems can be hazardous and pricey to fix. Not only can electrical issues expansion your utility bills, but they can also result in fire and destroy your business or home. Get the peace of mind you deserve by calling us at Jimmy Meeks Electric Services and booking our electrical services before it gets too late and the damages cost you a state to fix. You can rely on our professional electrical repairs for a place of business or your home every time you need capacity job done in no time. Our company can handle all aspects of electrical repairs services. When you repair or remodel your commercial or residential electric installation, you should have a skilled and licensed technician to ensure that everything is certainly installed or properly repaired. The cost of taking shortcuts with electricity can be devastating, so you better call us at (731) 423-1653 if you need support instead of taking the risk to fix it yourself or delay the electrical repairs position with an occupational electrician.

Our service contractors are highly knowledgeable when it comes to industrial and residential electrical repair projects and can work with our customers anytime to provide the best solution to their repair needs. An unskilled repairman may not repair or design your electrical system in the way that it can We provide professional commercial electrician services, perform best, that is why you should not trust companies that do not have the reputation and experience that we at Jimmy Meeks Electric Services do.

Our electrical repair services are reliability and professional.The best way to choose electrician contractors if you haven’t done that before is to look for a certification and industry experience. Of course, with our company, you can’t go wrong. Our years of qualifications and experience in the electrical repair industry make us the best choice for your electrical repairs needs. No job is too large or too small for us, and we can finish all of your projects in a timely manner. Another plus of our company is that we offer a free estimates of the projects of each of our clients so that no secret or unexpected costs will be encountered at the end when your project is completed. We have the best electrical repair service in the Jackson TN area, and we are always on call.

For all of your electrical repair needs, call Jimmy Meeks Electric Services at (731) 423-1653. Let us handle your next electrical repair project without affecting your budget, and you will be glad you did.